chris devilleneuve
Male, 74 years old

Clinical services administrator specializing in community mental health. Experience with multi-system program service implementation, training and supervision. Administrator for multiple evidence based programs (DBT, TFCBT. ART and ACT/PACT). Development and implementation of multi-system assessment process. Excellent verbal and written communications, proficiency with Microsoft Office and organizational skills. Demonstrated proficiency in administration, management, and productivity improvement in the human service delivery field. Clinical practice focused on providing assessment and treatment conceptualization for posttraumatic stress disorders. Specializing in healthcare administration, Interested in academic work as well, and perhaps advising corporations on mental health issues. Specialties Specialized training in crisis triage, hostage negotiations, posttraumatic stress, and disaster response. CISM and Peer Support team member, Liaison with multiple law enforcement agencies and community service organizations. Board Member: NAMI DCFS: CQI Community Member Hostage Negotiator: Yakima Police Department Crisis Intervention Team