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Casey van Gorp has been an aviation professional with StandardAero for years. Starting out as a engineer in the gas turbine component repair development area, I moved on to central roles with progressively more responsibility and diversity, including project management and continuous improvement projects and then general management of a group of teams providing support services. In , I took on an international posting in the Netherlands where I was responsible for the teams providing engineering, quality, facilities, and environmental service aspects of a business that reached M in sales at its peak. In - I was deeply involved in the proactive risk management aspects of a significant facility and personnel reduction, workscope change, and transfer of work from the Netherlands to Canada. Since returning to Winnipeg in , I took on the role of leading the Customer Programs team for the Turboprops business, which was responsible for ensuring that we meet all of the requirements of our partnership agreements with customers. In , that role was transformed by focussing on one product but expanding responsibility to include PL aspects. Through these experiences, I've gained a greater understanding of how to meet customers' needs by balancing the operational, technical, and financial aspects of our business -- but there is still room to grow Goals Improve my understanding of our customers' needs, Create and lead high performance teams, Continue developing my leadership and technical capabilities Specialties Leadership, Mentoring, Facilitation, Team Building Contract management and customer service Measures of Performance, Business planning EASA Part DOA, TCCA DAO Safety Management Systems (SMS) Problem Solving, Root Cause Analysis, Continuous Improvement Management of Process Engineering, Repair Development, Maintenance, Calibration Project Management ISO implementation, procedure development and management