brian wong
Male, 44 years old

Brian started his career in the corporate finance field after graduating from the University of New South Wales, Australia. He later moved on to start several successful business ventures spanning across many industries. Brian is an Internet marketing specialist. He has conceptualized and developed innovative online websites that have generated millions of dollars in sales of information products. In , Brian co-founded the daily deal website, The site reached over , active users within months of launch and has since raised first round funding from Intel Capital. In , was acquired by the iBuy Group and is now listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (IBYASE). Brian is also the founder and owner of a wellness center called "Pure Health" that specializes in products and services to cleanse and detoxify the body for optimum health. Prior to starting his own business ventures, Brian was employed as the Chief Operating Officer of an Internet company based in Singapore called The Catcha Media Group today is listed on the Malaysian Stock Exchange (CHMMK). Today, Brian spends most his time turning his hobbies into profitable businesses, electric skateboarding or playing with his sons.