brian aprn

I am a clinician, consultant, educator, blogger, speaker, and serial entrepreneur with over years experience in health care, mental health, pediatrics, geriatrics, psychiatry and business. Currently, I am a Clinical Lead Psychiatric NP and One Care Program Director for Commonwealth Care Alliance Clinical Group West. I also serve on the Clinical Faculty for Yale School of Nursing and provide supervision to the Psychiatry Team at VNS of Connecticut. In addition, I am the founder of, a digital agency I started in that helps health care, senior living, LTC, hospice, homecare providers and other care-related organizations by offering strategy, design, social media, content, analytics, search and community solutions for a digital world - specializing in web, social, and mobile technologies. Finally, I'm worked with Scott Pelley's team at Minutes on a story about the mental health care crisis for kids in this country (see the broadcast videos below). Business Specialties Entrepreneurship, startups, business development, marketing, operations, communications, innovation, leadership. Clinical Specialties Lifespan mental health, pediatric psychiatry, emergency psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry. Digital Specialties Communications, digital infrastructure, websites, blogs, mobile, social media, email marketing, graphic design, online presence strategy management, content creation aggregation, SEO, analytics, landing pages, branding.