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Male, 50 years old

I’ve spent my life as a service provider – first as a US Marine, then as a firefighter and now as a Realtor. They’re all the same kind of work in a way, you take care of other folks wants and needs. After mediocre experiences buying my own homes I got into this business to work for people who expected better service. My time as a broker has taught me home buyers are seeking an honest & straightforward partner in navigating the real estate process, they’re not looking for a “here’s the kitchen” walk through with a door opener. And they don’t want to be “sold” every home they walk into. They’re looking for a professional that will pay attention to details, give them straight-forward insight and provide solutions along the way. But most importantly they’re looking for a real person who really cares. Home Sellers want two things. The fastest sale for the highest price. Period. I’ve tried every fad, gimmick and sales strategy available and have stuck with the two that work. Internet marketing using professional photography and video tours. The third, mobile virtual tours (designed to be viewed on the iphone, android and blackberry) will be incorporated into the overall marketing plan in 2011. Stay tuned as this technology fast forwards the real estate industry. The clients I’ve worked with are not looking for my pretty picture on a business card and they don’t care how many millions of dollars I’ve closed, they only care about their own closing and how I’m going to help them make it happen…. I’ve always expected more from people who I hire. My family works hard so when I spend my money I expect them to work hard. I expect my calls to be answered, I expect to be updated regularly and I expect the job to get done without excuse or blame. I want more from service providers. Do you? My personal motto is “Expect More You Deserve It” and I invite you to do the same, after all You deserve it. Specialties Marketing single family and multi family properties for sale utilizing 21st Century marketing techniques. Representing developers in the marketing and sale of subdivisions.