bj keeton

I am here to help the world realize that geek media/pop culture and literature are not mutually exclusive.I?m a geek. I?m also a college English professor. By night, I?m your typical science fiction loving, MMO playing gamer geek, but by day I?m a (supposedly) respectable academic teaching English. And that makes me awesome.I write about things I love: mostly books, gaming, television, and teaching. Despite what some people might think, none of those are mutually exclusive. I use Stephen King and Joss Whedon in my classroom, and I talk World of Warcraft and Stargate with my students. I?m kind of a renaissance man of geekdom. And I wouldn?t have it any other way.My creative writing tends to range from YA SF to adult (not adult as in pornographic, though) horror, with a range in between. One could say that I am a genre writer, but I refuse to think there is anything negative about that label. Like my blog, I write what I love. I am currently working on completing my first manuscript, a Young Adult science fiction/fantasy novel.If you?re interested in pop culture?movies, games, books, or TV?or the academic side of geek media, then you?re in the right place.