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Male, 43 years old

"No one can guarantee you happiness, but every one of us has the right to pursue create it. What would make you truly happy right now" Who am I The short version is that Im a proud Husband, Father of four and a sarcastic goofball. Some people say that I lost a few of my marbles, but I say that I just choose to be different. Im a small business marketing advisor specializing in working with local, small business owners and entrepreneurs to attract more customers and clients daily... ...You can say that Im a bit of a Ninja when it comes to attracting more clients so that business owner can successfully increase their bottom line in their local market area using proven online offline marketing strategies. Such as Video, Social Media, Mobile, Direct Response and Internet Marketing Strategies that flat out works. I have faced my share of challenges in life and have the battle scars to prove it. Each one tells a different story but all of them, helped to make me a better person. As a Christian I believe that we are all given incredible gifts and opportunities in life to create anything that we focus on. In my opinion, the one thing that holds most people back from reaching their dreams is comfort and fear. People stay comfortable in life mainly because of fear. I think Gandhi said it best We are each the center of a circle whos circumference is defined by our own self imposed limitations. All it took was stepping out on to nothing in order to find the path that I needed to be on to make a lasting difference in my life. Looking back on my life I appreciate the amazing gifts that I received. From my Mother and Father, I learned humility, sacrifice and unconditional love. From my Grandmother, the amazing and powerful women that she was, I learn commitment, dedication and an entrepreneurial spirit. I spend my down time having loads of fun with my beautiful wife and kids, creating new lasting memories and adventures. Specialties Local Business Marketing Solutions That Work. Magnetic Marketing, Attraction Marketing, Network Marketing, Social Media, and Personal Development. All while having fun.