anthony suncin
Male, 31 years old

Opinionated, Fashionable, Articulate are all personality traits that I possess. As a native of Los Angeles, these characteristics have only amplified my niche for style, music and culture. Using my creative flare, I found a way to incorporate these 3 key elements by expressing my thoughts through a series of blogs. My name is Mr. Bradshaw, and Im a Stylist. More than just the go-to-man for wardrobe, I am a prominent Fashion Editor as my extensive resume allows me to write stories that consist of detailed critique on the stars red carpet mishaps and elaborate further as to how it could be improved. Celebrities are my forte and the nucleus for most of my articles. Unlike the average blogger, my website allows me to share my views on the latest trends, offer my styling services, advise fashionistas as to where to get the best finds at the best value, and even sell unique pieces from my personal wardrobe. Never miss an opportunity to make a statement, is my motto and youll probably always hear me say, GET IT! when you log onto