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Amanda is an acutely ambitious, massively multitalented and frightfully forward thinking 20 something who loves people, social media, art, the internet and video games. Ah, and alliteration. A presumptive social media whiz kid and copywriting extraordinare with an extensive background in community management, graphic design, event management, knowing other people's business and running other people's business. She's also quite good at bossing people around and getting away with it, which probably means she has magic powers too. An aficionado of the internet, Amanda is an experienced forum, webring and website administrator; IRC chatroom channel operator; ventrilo/teamspeak administrator; blogger; reviewer; Tweeter; and alpha/beta tester - Amanda loves new challenges and meeting new people, to the point that she has somehow convinced hundreds of (mostly) sane people that her 140 character Twitter missives are worth reading on an almost hourly basis. Forums/Websites Formerly Administrated: - Founder/Administrator. Designed community features, defined forum areas and introduced community competitions to encourage growth. We had a member count of 15,000+ at the time of my resignation. - Administrator/website contributor. 20,000+ members. - Moderator. 20,000+ members. TheGamersAlliance.Net - Community Leader. Circa 3,000 members at the time. Offtopic: Uncensored - Administrator. Circa 1,000 members at time of closure. Various locked/deleted guild forums for MMOs Specialties Social media, community management and engagement, project management, event management, digital marketing, video games, reviewing, market research, copywriting, quality assurance, public relations, graphic design, customer relations management, office management, seo copywriting