alicia payne

I'm a left/right Traumatic Brain Injury survivor who has made an amazing recovery. In the process I began researching my disability and the type I had sustained. In the process became bound and determined to help others like me who had sustained a TBI. While in college I created TBI Raiders and turned it into a volunteer service after I had returned from Washington DC after I had represented Oklahoma youth with disabilities when I had attended the National Youth with Disabilities Leadership Conference. I've done many things in the last ten years I've lived with my disability. Besides being the director of TBI Raiders, I am a member of the United We Ride Advisory Committee which is here in Oklahoma, a member of both the public outreach committee and advocacy committee for the National Youth Leadership Network, a member of the Wellston Emergency Management Team, and then I help with two classes at Sherri's School of Dance where I danced at for 15 years when I was growing will be doing two ballet solos and a jazz routine in the 2009 summer recital. TBI Raiders is looking for volunteers. The director, who is me, could really use the help! The purpose of the organization is to help see that students who have sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury succeed at their goals in both school and life. From becoming involved in this students with and without disabilities along with young adults who have sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury can hope to gain job skills, leadership skills, interact with leaders, and so much more. Professional Goal of mine is to go speak about Traumatic Brain Injury and TBI Raiders at schools, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, to organizations and to other places. Specialties web design, writing, typing, interpersonal relations, dance, choreography, communications, public relations, first aid/cpr certified, XML, HTML, JavaScript, usability, CSS, WYSIWYG layout tools