addy osmani
Male, 32 years old

An accomplished Front-End Web Engineer specializing in high-performance web applications.I have many years of experience in creating web applications both using custom and popular JavaScript libraries and frameworks such as well as server-side frameworks such as Zend and CakePHP. I enjoy working with the software development lifecycle and have a passion for sharing my knowledge of the above weekly via articles and screencasts online. I have a strong knowledge of several core web-based languages with early adoption to new advances as part of continued professional development. Demonstrated Proficiency at leading and training small teams of developers to maximize levels of productivity, whilst forming friendly team environments. Possess expertise in Object-oriented design and formal methodologies such as Extreme programming having also actively encouraged IBM (Europe) to consider its usage earlier on in my career. I've written many articles on developing large-scale client-side applications and am also the author of two books, 'Learning JavaScript Design Patterns' and 'Developing Backbone.js Applications'. Specialties Languages JavaScript (incl frameworks such as Backbone.js and Dojo), CSSXHTML, PHP (CakePHP, Zend), Grails, Java (JSP), Data structures (XML, JSON), SQL, C#.NET, Embedded C#, C, PascalDelphi.NET, VB.NET, ActionScript. Concepts MVC, MVVM, ATLCOM, MFC, OODOODA (UML, Design Patterns, Refactoring),Unit, Module, Networking, System Testing, Obfuscation, Agile, Extreme, Waterfall, Iterative Development Methodologies, UML, Internationalization.