adam hirsch
Male, 36 years old (February 2012 - Present) Chief Digital Officer (February 2012 - Present) Advisor (September 2007 - February 2012) Chief Operations Officer Formerly of: NYC Living Incorporated, New York, NY (2006 - 2007) Director of Operations, Office Manager, Executive Assistant Peter*Ashe Real Estate, New York, NY (2004 - 2006) Director of Business Affairs, Executive/Administrative Assistant Core Competencies include: • Revenue, Optimization and Research • Have direct experience in Business Development, Communications and Marketing, Advertising and Event Sales • Product planning / Launch planning • Search engine optimization / Social media optimization / Social media distribution • Contract Negotiations • Event Planning and management • Highly organized and document oriented Specialties Advanced: Social Media Optimization Search Engine Optimization Social Distribution Growth Microsoft (MS) Office Suite Event Planning (10 – 1,200 person events) Product and Launch Planning Google Analytics, AdSense Twitter, Facebook and YouTube Account Management Google Apps Account Administration iOS/Android Administration Intermediate: Social Media Analytics Tools Google Sites WordPress Administration HTML and CSS Revenue Modeling Project Management Tools Reporting and Analytics Suites