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This Old SchoolNew Skill MBA Marketer scored his first online sales in via CompuServe classified ads. Since then, he has continued to combine his strategic focus with both conventional as well as innovative online and offline tactics to achieve successful results in BB and BC environments. Passionate Energized by big goals and visions and effectively uses them to motivate internal and external teams for successful outcomes. Pragmatic Utilizes practical and cost-effective approaches to deliver idealistic results. Innovative Solves challenges and achieves goals through creative problem solving and cutting edge strategies tactics. Resourceful Accesses and employs the best available talent, tactics and tools to deliver the optimum results. Specialties Strategic Planning Prioritization, Creative Problem Solving, Team Development Leadership, Brand Development Governance, Creative Direction Management, Vendor Sourcing Negotiation, Forming Strategic Alliances and Joint Venture Partnerships, Verbal and Written Communications. Digital Social Media Marketing, Award-Winning Copywriting, Speaking and Training