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2009 Factors assoc w/insulin omission behavior: A review of the literature. Poster, MU, Columbia. STTI EBP conference. 2009 Schmitt, T. & Eldridge, C. Writing for Scholarship. Faculty Development presentation. 2008 "Cost of chest x-ray reveals health care problem". Springfield News Leader. 2008-present Committee work SBU: Ed Tech & College of Nsg Outcomes. 2008 Psychometric cons. home health survey Computec Mailing Services. 2006 Ethical considerations in Avian Influenza vaccine distribution, presentation. Dev. of diabetes pt education as a means of increasing understanding of the pt exp. & professionalism in BSN Students, Poster. Practice, Research and Education: Nsg Leadership in SW MO chair person. 2005 "Cornerstone of healthcare in crisis" & "Mandated reporter calls often go ignored". Springfield News-Leader. Community editorial board. 2004 Diabetes, a public health concern. Presentation for Department of Public Health MSU. 2003 Type I Diabetes; improving the numbers. Presentation north AR KIDD day sponsored by ADA. 2003 Ed.Committee for the Ped. Nursing Conference at St. John’s Children’s Hospital. 2002 Goldstein, D., Sponenberg, D. & Schmitt, T. Development of a satellite pediatric diabetes clinic at the St. John’s Children’s Hospital. Clinic in conjunction with MU. Addressed the lack of specialty clinical resources. 2001 Educator of Wt Loss Mgmt support and ed. group in Conway, MO 2001 Community Think Tank dev. on uninsured persons in the SW MO MSU 2001 Schmitt, T., & Davis, M. Stress Management. Poster, World Health Day MSU 2001 Hope, K , Schmitt, T. & McCunniff, M. Dentists as barriers to care for ped Medicaid patients. Thesis research MSU 1995 Professional Nsg Day chair St. John’sschool of Nsg Specialties Adolescent health, Body Image, Eating Disorders, Diabetes

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