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Female, 37 years old

"Having Conversations That Matter" The tides are shifting again While the focus and trend has been on Social Media and the power of connection, we need to get back to basics and remember that Brand is not just a fancy logo and a clever tag line, but rather the sum total of the experiences and expectations that your consumers have with your product or service, and how you deliver it. Your vision, your values, your mission and the execution among your entire organization. We've seen many brands do that well while others have struggled with pushing their message, measuring numbers of 'followers' and 'likes' (with little to no understanding of its value) and chasing that ever evasive "ROI" conversion. There is a powerful shift in communications, and I study the psychology behind inbound marketing and consumer behaviour. I believe corporate culture, leadership, experience and inspiration will all play a pivotal role in business moving forward. Brands that approach from a 'Holistic' viewpoint will, in my opinion, achieve a higher level of success understanding that 'social' is just a way to connect and that really what we're talking about is PEOPLE and delivering fabulous, memorable, shareable experiences Specialties Brand Strategy Social Business Community Building Content Management Global Networking Relationship Marketing Business Development Project Management Negotiations Professional Speaking Event Marketing Research Sales

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