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Sweta Patel - I have a career in which I am able strengthen and utilize my creative abilities. I love creativity and anything that involves people and ideas. I have a passion for marketing and advertising.I'm passionate about turning strangers into interested customers. About turning the uninspired into the ambitious. About making passive people totally engaged through interaction. This can be possible by engaging people with a strategic plan that will help build a foundation for your business. By building community around principles that will enhance the business. And by empowering customers to share and remix elements of your message until they become supporters and proponents for your brand instead of watching your advertising. When a new product is launched, I feel I must be as ready to perform as a professional athlete. So much must be accomplished at once. The brand, the product positioning, mindshare, press reaction, word of mouthevery factor that will determine whether the product or service is successful or not depends on the marketing efforts of the initial phase of that launch. My experiences have taught me how to prepare, like that professional athlete I mentioned before, to the point where all the elements of a successful product launch are ready before the item or service is ready to ship. I would like to explain how I intend to bring this same level of preparation and professionalism to your organization. Specialties Creative marketing, Advertising, Branding, Event Planning, auditing, budgeting, communication skills, customer relations, customer satisfaction, customer service skills, market positioning, marketing, Microsoft Office, organizational skills, presentation skills, proposal writing, public relations, research, sales, and staffing, telecommunications, and strategic planning.

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