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High tech product manager versed in delivering strategic new functionality in cloud computing, telecom services, professional services, cybersecurity, and servers. Experienced in new product development, product management, program management, business operations, RD, business development, market research, and strategic market analysis. Worked to drive innovation for Intel Corporation for years in product groups, Intel Solution Services, Intel Labs, and Intel Federal. Entrepreneur with start-up Northwest Nexus and Winstar Broadband Services for years. Innovative nonprofit leader that helped launched new programs and founded strategic new organizations. Experienced in program development, recruiting, fundraising, and grant management. Worked in roles as researcher, cross-cultural team leader, country director, board of directors, and program director. Worked for Professionals International and Global Mapping International for years. Partnered with United Mission to Nepal, International Technical Assistance Group, TEAM Japan, SEND International, and Mexican Medical. Demonstrated entrepreneurship by founding new organizations in response to needs for greater partnership Central Asia Fellowship, American Friendship Foundation, and Net Wallahs. Recognized strengths as a Intuitive "ideator" who creates innovative responses to otherwise intractable problems Focused coach who strategizes, plans, recruits empowers teams to produce desired results Tireless maximizer who seeks out the good in peopleprojects then works to make them great Natural strategic collaborator who nurtures business relationships for long-term impact Known as the "Development Wallah" (DevWallah) a specialist working at the intersections of information and communication technology (ICT) development, international community development, (ICTD), innovative resource development (fundraising) for the nonprofit sector