sandeep giri
26 years old

I get business intelligence projects done with small budgets and achieve big results. I do this with open source tools, an offshore team, and an agile approach that builds on small consecutive successes rather than a big bang. I specialize in consumer data, healthcare data (clinical care and research), and energy data (smart-grid / onsite production). If you want to monetize your data, or are building analytical products and services to do so - here is how I can help you: * Develop extremely quick proof-of-concepts (usually under 72 hours) to visualize trends hidden inside your data assets. * Build business intelligence systems using the best open source tools. This includes design/implementation of ETL tasks, reporting/analytics database, OLAP cubes, predictive models, and intuitive data visualization with dashboards and interactive reports. * Develop your data strategy - Assess your data portfolio (what data you have today in your organization) and design/implement a plan to consolidate, analyze, and monetize that data. * Found/Grow a company - Ultimately, I'm an entrepreneur, and I provide best value working in small teams to build new game-changing products. I am always up for joining like-minded people to start/grow a company and shake things up. My background: * 10+ years experience in launching/growing successful software companies * Proven leader of product management and engineering teams * Specializes in open source business intelligence technology and enterprise solutions * Domain expertise: consumer and marketing analytics, healthcare, clean tech / smart grid, and solar PV Specialties Product Development / Management Leadership. Start-ups. Business Intelligence. Data Warehouse. Marketing Analytics. Healthcare. Clean Energy / Smart Grid. Solar. Open Source. Managing and Scaling Offshore Teams. Presenting. Teaching.

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