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* Board Executive Assessor, Strategy and Market Intelligence, responsible for specification, deployment and management of Business Intelligence and BPM models. * Broadened the scope and functions of the company's CRM, allowing extraction of information, analysis and decision making on customer's behavioral profiles. * Promoted integration of corporate databases, providing capital information for strategic guidelines, setting standards compatible to external customers needs, thus supporting their loyalty. * Marketing Executive, committed to creation, development and implementation of strategic planning, branding, press relationship and product re-engineering for worldwide market, conquering real revenue increase. * Lead Generation: Development and deployment, through seminars, workshops and trade shows. * Press Relationship: Establishment and strengthening, overcoming the competence rates over 30%. * International Trade Relationship: OEM agreement with relevant Business Analytics Technology international providers, reaching 20% total revenue from USA, Canada, Europe and Asia. * National Trade Relationship: Partnership agreements with complimentary segments companies - telecommunication, data mining - in order to widen business opportunity through the offer of bundle solutions. * Sales Engineering Director, Latin America, committed to projects and commercial proposals for telecommunication services providers and corporate market in Latin America, deploying regional sales offices in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. * 28-year experience in projects co-ordination in Telecommunications and Information Technology. * IT, PMO and QM Support for Embratel's Large Accounts Regional Sales Directory in Rio de Janeiro. * Technical Consulting for Embratel's Sales Office in Rio de Janeiro. * Losango Award '92 Winner, sponsored by "CNDL" (National Retail Directors Confederation), with the work "Multimedia Shopping: Transition Mechanism for the Bookstore's Market". Specialties * Holistic and Systemic Vision * BPM - Business Process Management * BI - Business Intelligence * Broad and deep experience in Telecommunication and Information Technology Market. * Strategic, Tactic and Operational Planning. * Team Leadership. * Driven to Results and Goals. * Vision of Future.

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