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Male, 46 years old

I've worked with online collaboration tools for nearly twenty years, fourteen of those with a FTSE company working on knowledge management and intranet projects. I've helped turn around a failing intranet with a combination of design thinking, usability and Knowledge Management techniques, nearly doubling the number of monthly users within two years. We experimented with and established social tools like internal blogs and popularised a failing on-line community system which had previously been ignored. Observing the various successes and failures led to an interest in organisational complexity, storytelling, narrative and the Cynefin framework. Ultimately, in , I led a cross-functional team which created one of the first internal enterprise social networks inside a large, global corporate organisation. This led me to explore Social Network Analysis as a way of understanding organisational complexity. I now help organisations with the challenge posed by the Digital Workplace. Specialties Knowledge Management, intranet, social media, collaboration, innovation, communication, narrative, storytelling, Cynefin, workshops, intranet, enterprise social networks, Wordpress, gamification