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Male, 40 years old

Mike Nerheim is a Republican candidate with extensive experience working in all divisions of the Lake County States Attorneys office. As an Assistant States Attorney, he was well-respected by federal, state and local law enforcement for his guidance and approval of federal and criminal charges and for his strong commitment to representing the needs of victims. Nerheim is widely recognized for vigorously prosecuting those who have violated the law while respecting both the rights of victims and the rights of the accused to ensure no one is wrongfully convicted. He teaches evidence and DNA, and has successfully used DNA evidence in prosecution of criminal sexual assault. Nerheim is an experienced prosecutor and defense attorney who is fair and dedicated to equal justice for all. He has demonstrated strong leadership and business experience, and is actively involved in supporting the Lake County community. Specialties Evidence gathering, Use of DNA in criminal cases, Criminal, Civil experience includes traffic, misdemeanor, domestic, violence, felony review, juvenile, drugs and other felony trials.

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