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. The Bottom-Up Approach Apply cutting edge statistical, machine learning, data mining, and network analysis techniques to analyze data from various sources, with the aim to discover informative structures, complex relationships, and deep insights that will facilitate building of predictive models for these data . The Top-Down Approach Using principles developed from social sciences to understand human behaviors on social media sociology, socialbehavioral psychology, behavior economics, cybersocial anthropology, etc. . Using both the Buttom-up Top-down Approaches to develop predictive analytics with actionable insights for businesses, enterprises, and brands . Apply current knowledge of human visual, neural and cognitive processing to solve the unexplored and challenging problems in the real world . Foster interaction and communication between cliques with diverse scientific backgrounds Specialized Skills . Large scale network, graph, and time series analysis . Identification of Influencers, quantify relationships, gamification . Combining the top-down with the bottom-up approach to understanding consumer behavior on social media . Regression analysis Bayesian predictive modeling . Image analysis

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