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Male, 32 years old

I'm a web industry professional who is all about new media, interpersonal communication, and education. I am a junkie for emerging standards, mobile trends, UIUX, HCI, and content strategy. I am constantly seeking experiences to improve my skill set and leverage the technologies I work with to improve user experiences for all of the websites that I am involved with. I love taking advantage of outreach opportunities to help teach and train individuals about all aspects of web interactions. As a writer for .eduGuru, I have published more than articles on subjects ranging from web development and marketing to content strategy and beyond in higher education, and I am also an internationally featured speaker at conferences on an array of topics from accessibility, to mobile, to copyright. Additionally, I have had photography featured in the sixth edition Schmap guides to Philadelphia and Miami. My first book, "dotCMS From the Ground Up," is available NOW through httplearndotcms.org. Specialties (X)HTML, PHP, MySQL, graphic design, interface design, SEO, Accessibility (), dotCMS, Google Mini Search Appliance, social networking, writingediting, research, training, project management, Apache Velocity, communication, web marketing, analytics dotCMS Plugins Developed - Resource Loader - IRC Support Portlet - XMLTool Plugin (deprecated now part of dotCMS) - reCAPTCHA Form Verification Plugin (deprecated) - oEmbed Macro Plugin - JSONTool Viewtool Plugin (deprecated now part of dotCMS) Common misspellings Feinen, Fienan, Feinan, Micheal, Mike