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Female, 56 years old

Founded and gained IRS Approval for Spreading Joy - Non Profit Organization Skilled in Social Media and can help teach, build manage your Social Media Networks allowing your reach to extend beyond your inner circle. Compassionate - Desiring to make a difference and putting for the efforts to go the extra mile to do what I can. Not just lending a helping hand, but directing with solutions to help move beyond their current circumstances. Showing them how priceless the little things are to have a huge impact on their daily living. Trust worthy - confidential information is often sought out when giving aid to those in need and is done so with dignity, so that individual is not shamed. Adaptable - able to adapt to any situation. Can add value, input ideas and solutions to current problems and or re-evaluate good processes so that they can evolve to even better processes. Problem solving is not a problem. Love tackling the issues that most people shy away from. Ability to assess situations, apply critical thinking and develop solutions. Time Management, planning and organization for Project Management, Planning and Completion. Clients quickly learn to trust my thinking while allowing me to take ownership in the project to see it through to the end. Ability to quickly regroup if current path of completion becomes an impossible route. Motivating and flexible - especially for tedious tasks Reporting for Clients as well as Management because all communication is important. Skilled in communicating with large groups, individuals and detailed reports if required. Phone, typed or in person reporting are strong suites. Specialties Quick Learner, Detailed oriented, Document management and organizational skills. Persistent, Passionate, Determined to excel, Self Motivated. Desires to inspire others to their full potential focusing on building their strengths and allowing them to tap into their inner resources.

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