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Female, 69 years old

At Lois Geller Marketing Group (formerly Mason and Geller Direct) , we help companies find their unique marketing niche, and develop strategies that are new and unique in their sector. Our direct marketing programs are accountable ( we do projections before a program or campaign) and at the end we review our results, including ROI. Then we develop the "next steps" for clients. Because I've been working on high level accounts, on both client and agency side, I am often called for specific challenges that companies encounter, for instance if a major book club had decreasing response rates, or a automotive corporation needs a spike in sales in a certain area of a country or internationally. My books, Response! The Complete Guide to Profitable Direct Marketing, and Direct Marketing Techiques, and Customers for Keeps...have helped many of our clients train their personnel. In fact, we've used the books in our training at American Express for many years. I do a lot of research for my books in direct marketing, and my latest book is the first in a vertical market, real estate. It is, Sold! Direct Marketing for the Real Estate Pro. I've learned so much about this sector, especially now that there are many challenges in the housing industry. After I research, I write articles in several magazines and speak at major real estate conferences. I also use what I've learned in my speeches across the country and internationally. It is my way of teaching many people at one time, the science of direct marketing that is even more exciting today, because of the various touchpoints on the web, email, and retail. Coordinating the direct marketing plans are a vital part of the creative process now. Specialties I specialize in brand personality in direct marketing, and the big idea (the strategy). I've implemented so many different types of programs over the years. Many have won awards in the industry, and the best are the words of appreciation from our clients. We specialize in doing the entire programs and then measure the results. Our brands reconate with the target audience and we're always testing new offers in direct mail, websites, email programs and in social media.

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