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? THE NUMBERS:Here, statistics are not dry numbers. Each view is an experience, each subscriber a heart changed, each favorite an affirmation. They are a part of Lisa's biography._____________Connect with Lisa:? Link to sign up to Lisa's newsletter is at lisalavie1? NEWS EVENTS:? 6 March 2007: Lisa opens her lisalavie1 account.? 4 July 2007: Lisa posts video documenting playing of her 'Maple Leafs' on a Montreal radio station.? 11 Sept 2007: Lisa's account is erroneously suspended by YT software which interpreted her comments as bot-generated spam. After a fan petition campaign, her account is reinstated two days later.? 3 October 2007: Lisa's 'Angel' video exceeds 1,000,000 views about five days after first being 'featured' on YouTube's main page.? 24 October 2007: Entertainment Tonight (Canada), television feature.? 22 November 2007: Lisa is featured on ETalk.? December 2007: became YouTube 'partner'? 13 February 2008: Lisa sings on stage at an invitation-only YouTube event in New York, one of only THREE YouTube singers present.? 28 February 2008: Lisa's a capella cover of 'His Eye is on the Sparrow' is Featured on Canada's main YouTube page.? 6 March 2008: First anniversary of the 'lisalavie1' channel. Lisa's videos had garnered over 4.3 million views and 35,000 Comments, and had been favorited over 18,000 times.? 13 March 2008: Lisa's 'Angel' is among six finalists among all music videos in the 2007 'YouTube Awards.'? 13 May 2008: Lisa's album 'Everything or Nothing' is released on iTunes, is featured in 'What's Hot' on the iTunes front page, and reaches as high as #20 on the iTunes Pop chart. (Joins iTunes-published songs from soundtracks of 'Stick It' and 'The Guardian' major motion pictures) ? 14 May 2008: Lisa's video 'Everything or Nothing' is featured on YouTube's front page in dozens of countries, and achieves over a half-million views in ~four days.? 20 May 2008: Lisa attends another invitation-only 56th Annual BMI Pop Music Awards at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.? 27 May 2008: Lisa's cover of Leona Lewis' 'Bleeding Love' becomes Lisa's second video to achieve 1,000,000 views, this one without having ever been featured.? 4 July 2008: Lisa headlines the 'Sparkle Event' in Santa Barbara, California. Special K travels from Florida to attend.? ~18 Aug 2008: 'Everything or Nothing' video (featuring the title track from Lisa's debut album) reaches 1,000,000 views only three months after being posted.? 12 Sept 2008: lisalavie1 YouTube videos achieve TEN MILLION VIEWS (poetically, almost exactly one year to the day after her account was erroneously suspended).? 22 Nov 2008: Lisa performs at the YouTube Live event in San Francisco.? 6 March 2009: During the second year of the LisaLavie1 channel, subscribers (~45,000), views (15,000,000+), comments (110,000+) and times-favorited (63,000+) each more than TRIPLE. Another 1,000 subscribers arrive every ~3-7 days in spring 2009.? 31 July 2009: LisaLavie1 videos have collectively been "favorited" 100,000 times.? 23 August 2009: Views reach TWENTY-FIVE MILLION, the most recent 5,000,000 occurring in less than three months. Seven videos have reached 1,000,000 views each.? 3 Oct 2009: Headlined a concert at Women Taking Care of the World conference in St. Petersburg, Florida, U.S.? 1 Nov 2009: LisaLavie1 registers its Subscriber No. 100,000. First 50,000: 753 days. Second 50,000: 218 days.? 25 Dec 2009: For Christmas, LisaLavie1 receives Subscriber Number 111,111.? 20 Feb 2010: Lisa posts a 57-artist musical collaboration "We Are the World (YouTube Edition)" for Haiti Earthquake Relief. The video, which she masterminded, organized and co-edited, attracts international media attention, receives 1,000,000 views in less than seven and a half days (more than one view per second). After several CNN features, Diane Sawyer chooses the video's participants as ABC News "Persons of the Week" on national television.? 6 March 2010: Third "birthday" of channel "LisaLavie1." During the third year, subscribers go from 45,000 to 133,000, views from 15 to 34 Million, times favorited from 63K to 169K, comments from 110K to 208K.? 13 July 2010: Lisa appears on national TV again, this time on Canada AM, performing "Angel."? Sept 2010-May 2011: Lisa is lead vocalist on Yanni's tour of South, Central and North America. ? In 2011, Lisa performs in Qatar and Thailand.Lisa's first album is available on iTunes.Lisa continues to create a second album while directly communicating with fans.______________________

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