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44 years old

Presentations Design and Social Media Consultant. Create video marketing campaigns for Korean companies wishing to go global through the use of Social Media. Help companies with Presentation Design. Co-authored presentations book ( and created video courses. Co-founded which offers presentation expressions, presentation tips and advice through video. English Social Communications & Presentations Specialist at K&L Global Communications Managed Over 170 Staff Over 14 years experience in employing, training, and managing a work force. Excellent understanding of human resources and supervision of personnel. Curriculum Development & Teaching Developed content and materials ranging from general and social English to business English. The ability to teach all levels and provide testing and evaluation. Perform Under Pressure Thrived in the high pressure environment of the London theatre industry for over 14 years. Kept morale high and able to motivate socially staff even in difficult times. Determination in Completing Tasks Often work to deadlines with presentation design and social media. Exceptional at directing energy and resources towards completing tasks on time. Extremely punctual and able to communicate effectively to achieve goals. Presentations Design + Social Media Expert ?? ?? I help companies tell stories through presentation design + social media English Communications, Presentations and Social Media Specialist -- Web 2.0 & Internet Marketing Specialist in use of Social Media Can help you make use of social media and web technology to deliver business content, build and maintain social and business relationships, and enhance communications locally and abroad through presentations design + social media Presentation design + Social Media

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