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Male, 50 years old

OK, the slightly longer than short version...I grew up small, scared, without confidence, but knowing deep down I had an inner balance, fortitude and magnetism.I let it out over the course of my adult life. When I was taught by a mentor how to juggle and age 20 I began the process of growing into my own power and courage.I've spent much of my adult life as an educator, being a high school counselor, coach, curriculum writer and even summer school principal. They were all great life-affirming experiences.When I found network marketing in 1999 a BIG world of personal development opened up. Even though I had a formal education in psychology with a master's in counseling, it wasn't until I started reading Jim Rohn, John Milton Fogg, Wayne Dyer and Tony Robbins that I fully understood what it meant to manifest good things into life.And when The Secret came out and I was introduced to the Law of Attraction, I found the backbone and to be myself, and the lust for life I keep to this day.I got serious about health, bodybuilding and power nutrition in 2005. One of the key books that did it for me was BODY FOR LIFE, by Bill Phillips. I adapted those principles into my weight lifting routine eating habits. The results, confidence and a powerhouse body you see here.Hey, I'm proud of it! And it's something anyone can do when they choose to experience their own spiritual vitality.Nowadays I help people find smart, creative and REAL ways to supplement their income. Hint: there is no "one size fits all" way to get ahead. It's not in a network marketing program, or an affiliate deal, or powersellng on eBay, or any "next big thing," though it could come through any of these.The secret is in mastering your own emotions and thoughts.And I can help. :)If you're looking for a mentor, support, coaching to let out the inner tiger in you, or if you just want to laugh and feel good, take a look at my videos, writing and other stuff.