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Female, 32 years old

Kristy Bolsinger is a Senior Associate in the Customer Impact Advisory business within PricewaterhouseCoopers based out of Seattle, WA. Kristy works with her clients to build and implement solid social strategies driving real and meaningful business results. Areas of focus have included engagement strategies, social customer care, community activation, influencer and advocate programs, insightsanalytics, and the intersection of SEO Social. Prior to her time at PwC Kristy worked at Ant's Eye View (later acquired by PwC) and RealNetworks as the in-house Social Strategist for the Games group. She completed her MBA at Willamette University Atkinson School of Management after working in Human Resources for several years in Southern Oregon. She loves football and hates missing a good shoe sale. Specialties I help companies build out their brand and extend their reach in social media channels. Engaging with customers, both current and potential, in an authentic and conversational manner helping to strengthen the sales funnel as well as increase customer retention. Integrating the social experience with product development, on-site experience, customer service and acquisitionretention efforts is key. FMLA, Drug Alcohol testing and Sexual Harassment compliance, risk management.

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