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When all is said and done, I'm an analyst and researcher, through and through. I am an avid historian; I sleep drink and eat foreign policy. I am passionate about comparative religion, philosophy, and foreign policy analysis. I have spent countless hours studying counterterrorism and love finding new methods of intelligence analysis. I am a technology guru, especially in finding ways to improve intelligence analysis. Oh, and my other great love is classical music, especially opera. I have written scores of papers, briefings, and customized maps, on such topics as: 7/7 London Terror Bombings, Al Muhajiroun Transnational Terrorism, Operation Smokescreen, Open Source and Proxy Servers, Regional Strategic Implications of Iranian Nuclear Proliferation, Al Qaeda: Prospects for the Future, Nuclear Security and Open Source Intelligence: What Terrorists Can Know, Al-Muhajiroun Terrorist Network: Implications for Policy Makers, Interagency Operations in Law Enforcement, Future of Open Source Intelligence in Web 2.0 and Virtual Worlds, Strategic Study of Kashmir, Reforming the Intelligence Community, Psychological Analysis of Adolf Hitler, Why National Security is inseparable from economic security, Does good intelligence result in good national or foreign policy?, When should intelligence be shared?, Case Studies in African Development, An American Foreign Policy for Africa, Somalia: A Tragedy of Errors, Resolving the Crisis of Sudan, to name some. Specialties Secret Clearance, GIS Mapping, Search Engine Construction, RSS Feeds, Data Visualization, SSH Encrypted Networks, CRM Administration, batch scripting, Photoshop, Apache, SPSS, Visio, Packet Sniffers, Building my own Linux distribution, maintaining my own personal cow (Cluster of Workstations), web programming, databases in MySQL, etc. Sociable, Team Player, Multilingual

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