karina allrich view gallery

Artist Statement Unbound by the conventions of realism, painting becomes an act of discovery, an exploration of mystery, beyond words, involving the whole body- heart and muscle and bone- its movement, sense of touch and rhythm. Abstract expressionism and lyrical abstraction are akin to music. Style of Work Moving beyond the moody seascapes and tonal "sky poems" of my forties, I abandoned the image in my fifth decade to paint my experience with nature directly, intuitively, using all of my senses to respond to notes of color, contrasts, patterns, edges, and movement. My favorite subjects remain- even in abstraction- creeks, woods, snow shadows, ponds and wild gardens, rain, salt marshes and roots. Inspired by weather, iphoneography, art, and music, I use a variety of mediums to create expressive painterly abstracts. Themes in Work Recurring themes in my work include map-making, spirit-of-place, and renewal. Website httpwww.karriallrich.com