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Justin Hansen has seven years of experience within the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) field. Justin specializes in enterprise database development, design, management, and application development. In addition, Justin also has extensive experience developing and deploying custom applications for mobile GISGPS data collection. Justin has also been responsible for integrating enterprise GIS systems with Asset Management systems like Cartegraph for use both in the office and in the field. He has also conducted GISGPS training sessions for a variety of agencies. Justin is well versed in many GIS software systems, of which include the full ESRI software suite, including web-based solutions. Also, Justin has a GIS programming background primarily with Python and Visual Basic and Internet GIS application development with JavaScript. Justin has extensive experience performing complex GIS analyses including network analysis, utility network analysis, image analysis, and spatial statistics. He is well versed in professional cartographic map production, both large and small format. Specialties Asset Management, Enterprise GIS, Database Administration, Web Collaboration, Mobile GPS, Systems Analysis