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To Juan Israel Ortiz, businesses need to have four things well-established if they wish to be successful - A trustworthy corporate image - A recognizable brand - Ways to create valuable leads - Constant incoming sales revenue Since , Juan Israel has studied the art behind creating business success. Juans training from the AWAI and the Professional Writers Alliance gives him the knowledge of the core copywriting concepts that make any marketing and advertising project successful. By hiring Juan Israel Ortiz, you get more than a copywriter. Juan has the ability to access valuable online and information that can make your marketing content credible and persuasive to your audience. He does so by using his interviewing skills and search engine knowledge, his ability to learn quickly, and his talent for interpreting and making conclusions based on the available information. Juan also brings extra ingredients to the table that can help in creating a trustworthy image for your business. His knowledge on how to communicate clearly and explain simple ideas can come in-handy when dealing with customers. And if youve been exploring the possibility of promoting your business via public speaking Juan would love to jump on the opportunity to do it Juan Israels skills in customer service can serve as a passage that leads your consumers into being more confident about your product. His knowledge of human behavior and community resources allows Juan to solve problems and respond to emergencies in quick and effective fashion. Hes also very cooperative towards team members and clients, and can be entertaining when needed. Juan Israel Ortiz is available to work on assignments directly from advertisers. For more information, visit httpwww.juanisraelortiz.comcontact. Thanks for taking the time to evaluate Juan Israel Ortiz as a part of your marketing team. Best wishes