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Traveler, Social Media Ninja and Writer. I revel in creating videos, blogs and interacting with my global family of vagabonds and creatives.I am a contributing editor for The Travelers' Notebook.com and the editor and host of MatadorTV.comTHE BLOG: Joshywashington.wordpress.comTHE TWEET: Twitter.com/Joshywashington,Multi cellular carbon based Homonid, aged 27 2/4 years, mixed anglo-euro male approx. 6 feet 1.5 inches. Top speed: 21 mph Psychic ability: 6 Strength: 6.5 Powers: Can climb anything, super sarcasm. Lesser Abilities: Squirrel attack, fake kung-fu. favorite book: Grapes of Wrath tastes like: He needs a bath smells like: Nag Champa