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Male, 38 years old

I am a scholar on the future of work and education, a global advisor, and the founder of Education Futures LLC. I am concerned about human capital development as society approaches an increasingly complex and ambiguous future. Technological change drives social change, and the impact of these changes are accelerating exponentially. Our schools, universities, and other knowledge-based institutions must leap ahead of this curve for all people to compete in highly globalized, knowledge- and innovation-based societies. My research and action scholarship agendas are focused on exploring the convergence of globalization, innovation society, and accelerating change in human knowledge development and, building positive futures for knowledge creation systems in an era of exponential uncertainty. My work focuses on exploring the emerging Knowmad Paradigm, and the new approaches to leadership and human capital development required. My work is global, and I am most actively engaged in research and collaborations in the United States, Latin America, and Europe. In addition to editing Knowmad Society (, Education Futures), I am the co-author of the book Invisible Learning (, University of Barcelona Press). Specialties Education futures invisible learning (interaction among formal, nonformal and informal learning) futures research methods creative applications of technologies in education innovative educational leadership

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