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Male, 48 years old

I am John Allen Mollenhauer (known as John Allen or JAM) and I am the founder of, a home on the web, for all information on the nutrient-rich healthy eating lifestyle. I am also the publisher of Nutrient Rich Healthy Eating for LifeInbox Magazine, which launched in , and boasts a verifiable whos who Expert Panel and provides ground-breaking interesting articles. In addition, I am the author of the upcoming book, Switch to Rich the Nutrient-Rich Way to Eat, which will be published in . I have also developed The Nutrition Transition System- a compelling series of guides and exclusive reports, which help people eat up to or More Plant-Based Nutrient-Rich foods for health, performance and natural weight loss. In , I co-authored the book, The Curse of the Capable, by Harvard Psychologist, Arthur Ciaramicoli, Ph.D., with a Foreword by Superbowl MVP, Phil Simms, which addresses the unsupportive stories capable people generate that prevent them from changing and achieving their goals. I am a leading authority in Performance Lifestyle training and coaching. Nutrient Rich Healthy Eating is the cornerstone of the lifestyle. A former bodybuilder, amateur athlete, graduate of the eCornell plant-based nutrition program, and the Nutritional Education Institute, I began my studies, in Adult Fitness, at Montclair State University. Most importantly, I enjoy helping others live more successfully, optimally healthy, at or near their ideal weight, so they can achieve even their most ambitious goals, without the distraction of weight issues and health complications. Specialties I have appeared frequently on radio and television shows including Comcast CN, WTBQ, Air America, and MoJo Radio. I have also been a featured speaker at the Annual CoachVille Conference, the National Health Association Annual Conference, and am the lead NET for The Monkey Bar Gym Fitness Chain. I am a dynamic international speaker for corporations and conferences. A prolific writer, I have also been a contributor to the award-winning Health Science Journal and numerous other publications.