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To succesfullly negotiate real estate transactions to the benefit of our clients. AGENTS: A question for you...Did your Company pay you money last month for being with that company? Mine did! Another question...Did your Company show you how to thrive in this market and not just how to survive? Mine did! Give me a call and find out why, and more importantly, how you can get in on the fun. Upon close investigation, you’ll find Keller Williams® Realty is fundamentally different than other real estate companies. These differences attract agents to the company, keep them with the company and can be summed up as the five foundational pillars of the company. * Keller Williams Realty operates on a belief and value system (WI4C2TS) embedded in strong company culture that promotes partnership by empowering its associates. * The Keller Williams philosophy is training is a life-long process not an event. Through training, consulting and coaching, the company focuses on building each individual’s career to a high level of achievement, always training as if everyone is a top producer. * Keller Williams’ believes talent attracts talent and the company is responsible for rewarding talent by helping to build associates’ wealth. The commission structure and profit sharing system were developed from this philosophy. * The profit sharing plan was the brainchild of Gary Keller and a handful of his top producers in Austin. They created a system that's a win-win for the broker and the associates; the broker shares part of the profits, the associate helps grow the company by bringing in more associates. It also means an assoiciate can earn over 100% commission. * Finally, the Keller Williams economic model offers low risk with high return. The cap system creates a level playing field with a pay as you go philosophy. You don’t pay what you don’t make and once you have satisfied your cap, you receive 100% of your commission until your next anniversary date. Specialties Business Consulting, Marketing, Prospecting, Recruiting, Coaching, Training, Motivating!

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