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(Update: Jun 15, 2009:) The "Lost & Found" set now does contain photographs taken by myself. Also, additional sets have been added. ONCE AGAIN, PLEASE DO NOT USE ANYTHING WITHOUT MY PERMISSION (and if you are using with permission, consider making a donation via PayPal; I'd be happy to give you the address). (Update: Apr 28, 2009:) Making an exception to the "all photographs were taken by myself" remark below, I am about to add a set called "Lost & Found" (set only visible to family & friends); which I'll be using to store photographs I am finding in my home and/or among my and my family's belongings - I am putting them there 'for keeps' but they are images that weren't shot by me. (Update: Sep 04, 2007:) Just to clarify: All of the photographs in my Flickr album were taken by myself. None of the 'known' people's pictures I have ever taken were made without their permission (except for any cell phone pictures). Also, if you wish to use any of my pictures, please drop me a little note (on Flickr or MySpace, for instance) as a matter of courtesy BEFORE use - Thank you! (Update: Aug 28, 2007:) Further to the below, the relationship developing with my new camera ( is a love/hate one: the camera gives great value for money, fantastic ease of use, tons of features, a fabulous zoom, and easy file transfer to PC, but a lens cap that likes to come off a bit too easily and at times terrible shutter lag. (Profile update: Aug 21, 2007:) There is not much left to say about myself that I haven't already said elsewhere (MySpace, Hyves, MOG), except that I love taking pictures but never quite had enough 'talent' or developed enough 'skill' to even dare call myself a photographer. But anyway, the good old-fashioned camera (you know, one of those that requires a roll of film) that had been my companion for 15-or-so years died on me a few weeks ago, so I moved on to a digital alternative, though sooner and on a smaller budget than I had hoped to. I guess in time I'll learn to love that new companion as much as the old one, in the meantime I'll be digging up pictures from the past to scan in and put up here together with past and present additions from cell phones, disposables, and of course the new camera as I am getting to know it. Enjoy.

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