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Flip the possibilities switch by elevating your thinking. Get clarity about your objectives, success measures and the actions you need to implement. Skilled facilitator, trainer, mentor, coach to help you focus on what matters Infusionsoft pro will train you or help you implement your automated marketing campaigns. years social media strategy marketing automation - landing pages, email marketing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more. Author of several eBooks and Articles on marketing and social media, and strategic thinking processes. years broad marketing management in publishing, market research, banking and consulting. years training leaders in strategic management systems and processes for Fortune , government, retail, non-profit organizations. Examples Implemented and use an automated internet marketing system - Infusionsoft for our business. Improved client member development with a professionally designed e-newsletter Adjunct Faculty teaching social media and internet marketing at Yavapai College Author Social Media Tips - a step-by-step guide (httpow.lyeFtE) My Dynamics Profile Explore, Excite, Examine, Execute My Strengths Finder Profile lists my top strengths as Arranger, Maximizer, Futuristic, Ideation and Learner I'm future-focused, love charting new paths, and envisioning possibilities. A creative idea person, I see connections others don't, often bringing people, ideas and seemingly disparate concepts together that enhance or move a project forward. I'm also excellent at taking existing concepts or products and kicking them up a notch. It can't be done is not in my vocabulary. Skills Strategic planning. Strategic marketing. Social media planning and execution. Tailored and customized to your needs. Working internally with your organization or as an external coach and consultant, I'll help you focus your thinking and choose a direction that fits and gets results. Specialties Strategic marketing planning and implementation, strategic thinking, social media planning and execution, systems thinking, cause marketing, new market development, communications planning and execution.