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It reminds me of the time two summers ago when me and Jay and Mike went jetskiing. Of course they weren't the stand-up jetskis, they were the sitdown kind. We watched a video on safety, telling us things that we weren't supposed to do. One of which was to always keep at least a 50 ft distance from other watercraft in the bay. The other was to never turn at a high rate of speed. So the way I broke both rules was, I full-throttled it towards Mike, and when he turned left, I, while still going fast as fast can be, jerked the handle all the way left. Next thing I knew, I was staring at the sky. And after that, my head felt fully immersed in water. And upside down. When Jenni turns the wheel today, I feel my hand losing a grip on her car, and the next thing I know, my head hits the ground. And then I laugh. And then I realize I'm in a lot of pain. And then I continue to laugh. And getting up, I'm sure I look like an old man with a bad back. I really just have a bad hip. And a bad shoulder. And I happen to be bleeding a lot at my hands. And my face. Which still hurts. Later that day, we went to Wendy's, and Mike and Jay were saying they were having trouble grasping things. This was because they were driving full-throttle most of the afternoon, like me. I just smiled and grabbed my soda and slurped it down and ate my fries one at a time. Then the next morning I couldn't move my forearms, they were so sore. And whenever I did, it felt like I was using them for the first time ever. Today, when my parents come home, my parents ask about my hands. And I tell them I fell. And they keep bugging me and all I want to do is to finish my "Return Of The Jedi." Then my mom sees my face and thinks I got into a fight. 17-Oct-2004 // (blog)