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Male, 42 years old

"Forget all the old ways about thinking about productivity. If you're moving too slow toward what you want, Jason Womack will help you get momentum. I've been in the "C" suites of some the world's most prestigious corporations. What they all need is someone like Jason to show them what "navigating" the new world of work looks like." Jim Rider www.JamesRiderGroup.com Case studies httpwomackcompany.comservicescase-studies About www.GetMomentum.co By joining the Get Momentum, you will be tapping into a wealth of personal expertise and experience in strategic personal productivity and result oriented goal setting. A straight to the point talker that gives you the direction on what to do to master your workplace performance and see a productivity boost of up to . This is the Aha Moment that you need for those tasks that have consistently taken your time without much to show for it-planning projects, attending meetings and managing email. Get Momentum taps into the synergy that can be found in teams to enable you to get moving faster toward your career goals. Exposure to the right minds lies at the core of extreme personal development. Workplace Performance Workplace Productivity Workplace Time Management Productivity Consultant Productivity Coaching Productivity Improvement Mastering Workplace Performance Managing Projects Managing People Managing Performance Executive Coaching Executive Time Management

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