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I am the creator of moneymakerexaminer.com, a site giving my thoughts regarding the online business resources that have proven their worth or have been promoted as being more than their worth, sadly all too often the latter is more predominant. This alongside my blog, igorgriffiths.com combines to help as many fellow amateur entrepreneurs to achieve their goals through the use of content rich presentations, delivered in a style such that their audience reception is maximized. By having a varied background in media production and editing, html coding, membership site building alongside the fundamental marketing techniques of lead generation, capture and engagement I am able to assist you when you struggle in these areas. I find that if you can explain a topic in plain English then you can teach anyone that subject, far too often people use the jargon to hide their own lack of understanding. This is not how you will find I operate on any of the channels I present myself and my guidance on. I am currently having my skills honed by my mentor John Thornhill to ensure I can take my natural skill for breaking down systems and process maximize the number of people I can help. Which brings me to your service. Unless your service has an audience it is doomed to failure which is why I want you to have this free gift Follow this URL- httpclicksgeneration.comfreegift My joy has always been to see others brim with pride and confidence after they realize they can achieve what initially they thought was impossible Specialities list building video editing WordPress site development Content curation membership site building web page html coding

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