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I am a professional in two industries, Marketing and Talent Acquisition. I find that these skills overlap in ways that offer benefits to each role. I have had the opportunity to take on senior responsibilities in both industries which has proven me to be driven and motivated to succeed. Deep knowledge and experience with digital technology helps me generate ideas for both industries. People are important the right people are priceless. I truly believe that businesses succeed or fail based on having the right people, in the right roles, at the right time. It all starts with understanding what talent you need to succeed in the marketplace, assessing what you have, identifying the talent gaps, and then executing on obtaining that talent. The same principle is true for a great marketing campaign. At the end of the day, content development, along with strategic planning and assessment is mandatory in both fields. Managing social media channels, developing campaigns, and building relationships utilize my skills to communicate, plan and think creatively. I learn very quickly and for this reason I enjoy taking on challenges. I excel in positions with steep learning curves. Seeking out knowledge in a variety of areas, I'm not shy about experimenting with new ideas in my free-time. I thoroughly enjoy the challenges that each role brings and continuously look for ways to grow.

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