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Male, 31 years old

Fred Oliveira is an entrepreneur and designer. After living in Silicon Valley to work with Techcrunch and Edgeio, Fred started Webreakstuff (a design, development and strategy consultancy) to provide services to companies and individuals. These days he's a mentor at Startups, a writer for O'Reilly and works day to day incubating products at WBS. During the day, he splits his time between mentoring startups on his role at Startups and building and designing large-scales systems and products. As a developer with sensitivity for design or a designer with a computer science background, he is a holistic product manager by nature. Fred is co-founder of the Web . Workgroup with Michael Arrington of Techcrunch and Richard MacManus of ReadWriteWeb and a Google Summer of Code alumni. He is an early technology adopter and frequently blogs and speaks at conferences about technology, the role of design and innovation. Specialties Entrepreneurship, Development, User experience, Cloud computing, Scaling, Interaction Design, Ruby on Rails, client and server-side Javascript, Redis

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