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Male, 46 years old

I am a video live streaming consultant. I help clients produce live stream events and strategize on the use of live streaming in their businesses. Previously, I was the Head of Production Services for Ustream, a popular live Internet video broadcast platform. I produced large-scale live streaming events for entertainment, sports and corporate clients, commanding large viewerships. Prior to this, I was a freelance videographer and cofounder of Geek Entertainment TV, a long running branded Internet video series. Some of the clients I've shot, edited and produced video for include Boing Boing Video, Digg, Revision, Current TV, Get Satisfaction, Leverage Software, the Startonomics Under the Radar conferences, Netsquared and the San Francisco Chronicle. In a not too distant former life I was a systems and network administrator for a handful of San Francisco startup companies. Being the consummate geek, I still admin a couple of Linux servers, hosting email and websites for friends. Specialties Video streaming, encoding, production, webcasting, shooting, editing. Unix systems network administration.

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