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Male, 53 years old

Duncan Wierman is a not only a full time real estate investor but also a social media strategist. Duncan combines internet marketing, social media and mobile marketing strategies with Customer Relationship Management to develop business. Duncan experience as a CEO of a software company and his strong background in sales and marketing has given him special insights in how to get more customers and increase revenue, Duncan specializes in working with real estate investors to enhance their brand image and generate new business using the internet, social media and mobile marketing strategies. One of Duncan's favorite sayings is that "if you build it, they wont come, you have to make them come". It's very true in the world of online marketing. Just because you have a great product, doesn't mean that people are going to know about it. Duncan is also one of the founding members of the SEO Best Practices Association. He is also the CEO of the Internet Marketing Consulting Group http://www.InternetMarketingConsultingGroup.com/ Duncan is actively * Helping clients create strategic social media campaigns. * Helping clients create marketing plans * Teaching clients how to research their target market. * Assisting in social media and mobile marketing * Conducting seminars, and webinars on marketing If your company requires : 1. Motivated sellers, hungry buyers or private money lenders 2. Internet Marketing, Social Media Planning, Mobile Marketing 3. Consistent execution of your plan. We find most business owners spend most of their time running the operational end of the business and they are dropping the ball when it comes to marketing. Let us do your marketing so you can do what you do best! Specialties Online and Offline Marketing Real Estate Investing Bulk REOs Social Media Marketing - Planning - Lead Generation - Consulting Mobile Marketing -Planning -Implementation -Consulting Delivering Webinars and Seminars - Internet Marketing - Real Estate Investing

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