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My interests are numerous and varied, and include social media, branding, digital content, event production, to name a few. I enjoy learning from experts in their fields and developing lasting relationships with others. I see value in connecting with others, sharing experiences and striving to develop professionally and personally. I have a great interest to help others - giving back where I can and paying it forward. Presentations - Social Media and Legal Recruiting, Recruiting Administrators of Austin (RAA) NALP City Group, April - Social Media training and strategy for the LBJ School communicators, UT-Austin, Feb. - Social Media for Texas Student Media social media managers, UT-Austin, Jan. - Social Media for Student Affairs communicators, UT-Austin, Jan. - Secrets of Using Facebook Timeline to Increase Engagement, Visibility and Followers, PR UniversityBulldog Reporter, Oct. - Social Media for UT Communicators, UT-Austin, Oct. - Social Media for Graduate Schools, UT-Austin Graduate Coordinator Network, Jan. - Recruiter's Roundtable, CareerCONNECTS, Feb. - Social Media Tools, UT Social Media Club presents Facebook Bootcamp, Feb. - Career Services at UT Law, Admissions Panel, Mar. Specialties Higher ed, social media, digital content, interview preparation, interview scheduling, schedule management, program management, special event management, legal recruiting

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