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Former Journalist and Media Researcher in Asia with deep investor and entrepreneur relationships in Silicon Valley, New York, and Asia. Currently investing in early stage companies Generates and executes social media marketing strategy for Imagine Cup, Microsoft Student Partners, Microsoft BizSpark, and Microsoft Developers around the world Trained and knowledgeable in online TV and radio production TriCaster experience sound and lighting content creation social media distribution to wide audiences Creates strategic breadth and depth marketing social media strategies for content marketing, relationship marketing, as well as influence and community management bulids toolkits and global implementation plans in dozens of countries Country expertise China, UK, France, Western Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, South Africa, Burma, Kenya, Namibia, United States Tech industry investments startup investments angel financing startup advsory Microsoft technology, strategic consulting partnership management, relationship management venture capital investment investing qualitative research writing blogging corporate development marketing platforms social media marketing Specialties professional social networker social media strategy, product marketing content marketing relationship marketing conversation marketing, community management video interviews social web strategist, publisher, business development corporate development social media editor, development lead generation effective writer in all professional genres, from direct marketing and mail campaigns television experience editing and online media experience blogging Chinese Russian Cantonese international experience

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