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Female, 31 years old

Christine Phillips, 31 years old, lives in New York, NY. She loves listening to Aerosmith, Death Cab For Cutie, Room Raiders, Miles Davis, Pretty Ricky, Less Than Jake, The Flaming Lips, Fiona Apple, Michael Buble, From Autum To Ashes, State Radio and Square Pusher. Christine loves Monk, Miami Ink, Boston Legal, The Boondocks, Real World, South Of Nowhere, Bend It Like Beckham, The Surreal Life, Law & Order Special Victims Unit and Fresh Prince Of Bel-air. Comedy, Traffic, Battle Royale, Coyote Ugly, Full Metal Jacket, Tears Of The Sun, Return To Oz, Gone With The Wind, A Beautiful Mind, The Machinist, Blind Date, Hotel Rwanda, Good Fellas, Rules Of Attraction, Not Another Teen Movie and The Triplets Of Belleville are her favorite films. Her favorite sport is Hockey.