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Male, 32 years old

I am the VP of Engineering for Tiny Speck, the company behind Glitch. Until recently I worked at Yahoo Inc, as the Director of Engineering for Flickr, in San Francisco, California. I worked on Flickr from the day it started development (on my laptop) until April (when it was the "Official website of the Internet"). Before Flickr, I was the technical director of Special Web Projects at Emap, a UK media company. By night I work on a whole slew of web sites and communities, including the creative community BTA and my personal site, iamcal. In my spare time, I write windows software, develops web publishing tools, and write occasional articles about web application development and security.. In I wrote the best selling book Building Scalable Websites. I promise I'm working on a second edition. Specialties Backend Server Programming Content Management Systems Internet Groupware Systems Internet Systems Design Community Systems Javascript Programming Applications Programming Flash Programming

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